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Özdilek Evaluation System

Dear Customer

We believe that we shall achieve the best with the aim of offering the best services quality to you by assuring our quality with international Quality Management System Certificate TSE-ISO-EN 9001: 2008, Food Safety Management System TSE-ISO-EN 22000: 2005 and Customer Satisfaction Management TSE- ISO 10002 in line with the principle of “Constant Improvement”, and of course with your opinions and directions.

We, Özdilek, care about and consider your opinions. Your evaluation of our centers and stores that you have visited is important for us to offer better services to you.

Thank you for sparing time to our evaluation survey,


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  • Parking Lot
  • Security
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Campaigns
  • Stores
  • General Evaluation
  • Upload Photos
  • Your Details
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • WC Hygiene
  • Common Area Hygiene
  • Outdoor Environment Hygiene and Landscape
  • Parking Lot Adequecy
  • Parking Lot Hygiene and Order
  • Security Services Adequecy
  • If you think that the Security Services are inadequate please specify the reason.
  • Food Company Adequecy
  • Environmental Hygiene and Order
  • Service / Material Hygiene
  • Food and Beverage Freshness and Taste
  • Cinema Services
  • Starpark Services
  • Bowling Services
  • Are you satisfied with the activities at the mall?
  • Statement
  • Music Selection at the Mall
  • Sound Quality of the Music Broadcast
  • Are you satisfied with the activities carried out at the Mall?
  • The Activities You Request
  • Your 1st Favorite
  • Your 2nd Favorite
  • Your 3rd Favorite
  • Your 4th Favorite
  • Your 5th Favorite
  • Please evaluate the store diversity at our mall.
  • Do you think our mall should include more brand(s)? If yes, please specify.
  • Is there any store with poor personnel services quality? If yes, please specify.
  • What you like about our mall?
  • What you don’t like about our mall?
  • Your recommendations about the service
  • Your recommendations about the products
  • Name - Surname of the Personnel Who Helped You, If Any
  • How many times do you visit ÖzdilekPark in a month?
  • Which hours do you prefer?
  • Would you prefer our mall for your next shopping?
  • Please specify the reason.
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