ÖzdilekPark Antalya

Human Resources

Human Resources

“An Intimate Tradition in Shopping!”

We started our activities with 5 personnel, 2 Bursa-made weaving loom and 10 tons of production capacity in the period of our foundation in 1971. We became an incorporated company in 1982 by expanding our capacity and range of capacity with our enterprises and future-oriented decisions. We, ÖZDİLEK A.Ş., today, realize 25% of towel and home textile production of Turkey at our production facilities working as full integrated from the cotton admittance to product towel, bathrobe and home textile output, and with our 4,533 personnel, annual 10,000 tons of production capacity, yarn production and dyeing - printing facilities, and winding, change, weaving, dyeing, ready-wear and export departments. In addition to this achievement, we have become a world-class brand by being ranked among the top ten companies in the world with the towels and bathrobes that we export to more than 20 countries, United States in particular. The fact that we achieved all of these with completely domestic capital makes our success even more important. Today, the amount of the export we make in foreign currency exceeds 37,000,000 dollars.   


We proved that we are among the best of Turkey also in this field of activities wit the great investments we made in the service industry by adopting the idea “Turkey deserves the best” as our main principle. We built our first mall on Bursa Yalova Yolu; then opened Afyonkarahisar Mall in April 1996, Bursa Kaplıkaya Hypermarket in July 1996, İzmit Mall in October 1998, Bursa Ataevler Hypermarket in October 1999, İzmir Mall on an area of 20,000 square meters on 15th November 2001, İnegöl Hypermarket having an area of 5,000 square meters on 24th November 2001, Gemlik Hypermarket having an indoor area of 7,000 square meters on 3rd February 2007, Bursa Geçit Mall on 1st December 2007, and finally Yalova Mall on 29th March 2008 respectively. And our stores at Bursa - Çarşı, İstanbul - Galleria, Cevahir, Beylicium, Airport, Kale ve Profilo, Ankara - Forum and Cepa, Mersin - Forum, Bodrum - Oasis, Karadeniz Ereğli - Ereylin and Gaziantep Sankopark are the stores where we sell our own products.   

Target Market

Our Shopping Malls address customers at all ages from 7 to 77, and offers them a different lifestyle through its shopping malls. We primarily adopt the principle of “Unconditioned Customer Satisfaction” when offering our services to customers. We build centers in the city centers and locations near to crossroads intercities in order to create an entertaining environment for its customers. We approach the target market with a service concept where direct communication is predominantly important rather than “self service” at its many centers. We offer an environment which allows the customers to meet all of their needs at once and also with joy.


We provide all kinds of shopping services from restaurants to children’s play grounds, from dry cleaning to movie theaters, from gas stations to hairdresser’s shops at our shopping malls containing more than 70,000 kinds of products.   

Wyndham İzmir Özdilek

Our five-star Wyndham İzmir Özdilek Hotel having an indoor area of 22,000 square meters located next to İzmir Mall was opened in August, 2003. We have interactive TV system, 9 separate halls where all kinds of activities can be carried out, source of beauty Agamemnon Termal SPA and Welness Center at our hotel with 219 rooms and 387 beds capacity.